Artist Residency Program (ARP):

The vision of LDP is to share knowledge through face to face encounters between diverse communities by means of arts based collaboration. We believe that each individual can benefit from intentional interactions between individuals from seemingly divergent areas of society. It LDP's mandate to use the arts as bridge that facilitates those encounters.

Ultimately, we believe that it is through these encounters that individuation and self realization occurs. We believe that the creative process is key to social progress and healing.


Artist: An individual who is working in an artistic field be it in creation or research.

Partner Sponsor: A company who funds the specific artist residency project and return receives a professional development program specially tailored for their use implemented by LDP.

Participant: An individual who has been selected by LDP to work in collaboration with the artist. Participants are generally youth who are living in the peripheral areas of our society.

The residency program searches for artists to represent. We hope to acquire a stable of artists that LDP then can place within a residency program. Each year we hope to increase our stable and refine it so that we can be responsive to our existing partner sponsors and appeal to new ones. Representation of an artist only applies to the residency program and will have no exclusive contract outside of LDP. In fact, it is essential that the artist demonstrates an existing professional practice independent of their activity within LDP.

The focus of LDP is to develop and facilitate artist residency programs that are supported and sponsored by corporations/businesses. The residency program will be specifically tailored to the partner sponsor, artist, and participant involved. During the course of the residency LDP and the artist will contribute to creation of a  professional development program that is implemented for the partner sponsor. The professional development program will be designed to fit within the partner sponsors existing PD mandate.

Simplified Residency Example:

ABC Oil and Gas sponsorNEW PROJECT by providing the following:

three month stipend of $5000 to the ARTIST

three month stipend of $5000 to the PARTICIPANT

LDP fee to administer program $2000 (20% of cost of artist and participant fees)

Material expenses for production of small edition book of $1500

At the end of the PROJECT,  LDP and artist will develop a 3 part workshop to be implemented to employees based on the PROJECT outcome. LDP will manage and facilitate workshop.

This project attempts to reconsider the traditional methods that are often used in both arts funding and 'at risk' programming. Although many traditional programs do work we want to think differently about how both the distribution of money occurs and what the returns on investment look like. First, the distribution of money that originates from the Partner Sponsor is seen as a legitimate paid service as opposed to a 'hand out' or a charitable act because the Partner Sponsor receives a Professional Development package that is worth the money spent, in addition, depending on the project, some sort of edition based art work will be created that the Partner Sponsor will own. Both the Artist and Participant involved will see themselves as hired consultants who work together to produce a collaborative art based project that is mutually beneficial and addresses through participation various social issues. LDP then works as the facilitator and curator and creates material for the Partner Sponsor. The return on investment is concrete and has clear benefit for all involved. Accountability is held at all levels because there are clear deliverables that have been laid out prior to the projects commencement.

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