Living Documents Publishing in collaboration with The Listening Project and The Doorway will publish a series of short journals and produce visual based editions throughout the year and distribute them back to the contributors and to the public.

The Swamp or the Ecology of the Individual:
A Working Collection

Request for submissions based on personal experience.

We strive to exist in this world as individuals while at the same time operating within a convoluted and complex array of collective entities including educational institutions, religious organizations, political organizations, social or peer groups, media circles, this list is endless. This proves to be a highly complex existence.  For many the very notion of individuality is a mystery. Often individuality is confused with an attitude of selfishness. This publication demonstrates, describes, and examines the individual as a necessary part of our society that is developed in order to reciprocate care and service to others.

The Individual: Our Personal Experience

We are looking for text and visual based submissions for our upcoming publication.
Text based submissions may be fiction or non-fiction and can be formal or informal in nature.
Visual based submission may be any media. Photographs, drawings, paintings, or photographs of  other projects like sculptures.
We are interested in pushing the boundaries of all mediums so please do not hesitate in submitting something that is on the edge or might not even fit into a category.

The broad theme for these submissions is about the individual's experience in the rich and diverse ecology we are referring  to as the swamp. We are looking for your personal experience of developing your own individuality and or your observations of the Other as they too develop their individuality. Please consider this idea when submitting, however, the interpretation may be as broad as you would like. The selected submissions will be included in the upcoming publication alongside other writings and other visual based material..

They can be directly emailed to: aronhill@gmail.com


A swamp is one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet. It is a place of mystery and life. The swamp has traditionally been viewed as a forbidding place where one might be in fact swallowed up. It is not a place visited by the average traveler yet here in this diverse environment there is a rich experience to be had. Like other ecosystems the swamp is a sensitive place where its balance can be easily disrupted by intruders and visitors. The swamp lives as a unit, as a collective organism whose individual parts are as unique as the next. It is a beautiful complex place. The swamp is where we live. It is our complex social ecosystem. Inside this dynamic place there exists everyone's unique stories. Life can thrive and can also be thrown off balance and spiral to the bottom to decay. It is essential that we listen to the stories from the individuals who occupy this place so that we all may continue on.

Contributors will be paid a writers and artists fee and will be given full credit for their work.

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