Frontline Observers.


Not for Profit Publishing and production house that creates text based and visual material for distribution and documentation. We pay for stories and images from individuals who have experience of the edges, on the periphery, and on the front line of our society. We view these individuals as reporters and observers who are creatively engaging in our society and whose voices are essential in hearing. We help to facilitate in gathering the observations and assist in the creation of material and distribution. This representation of thought and experience is meant to help our understanding of each other, to help us coexist in a complex world.


The work is purposed so that the young, who are our observers, reporters, and reflectors, can be heard and celebrated. Living Documents facilitates the production of their stories in order for them to be passed on and presented back to us. We do this in order to help bridge the distance that has been created by ourcollective inattention and or inability to understand our differences. Living is process, and to give opportunity to record and document this process is part of what makes us human.


Living Documents Publishing in collaboration with The Listening Project and The Doorway will publish a series of short journals and produce visual art based editions throughout the year and distribute them back to the creators/contributors and to the public.


Contributors will be paid a writers and artists fee and will be given full credit for their work.


** It is our philosophical goal to offer visual and written and/or printed text perspectives as ART.

We will nurture and build on the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from the information presented in the form of collective and diverse images, to extend the meaning of literacy, which commonly signifies interpretation, creating a new core of cultural learning and understanding.